Big IFTTT update with new triggers and new actions

New triggers

Door closed/opened

You can now use the Nuki Smart Locks door sensor status change as a trigger for IFTTT.

Battery warnings

Be informed in the way of your choice when a Nuki Smart Lock triggers a battery warning (once a week till you replace them).

Calibration warnings

Get informed of calibration issues of your Nuki Smart Lock. A good possibility to be informed in time that a recalibration may be necessary.

New actions

Activate/Deactivate Auto Lock

You can now toggle the Auto Lock with any trigger IFTTT offers. Can e.g. be used for time control for “office hours” or based on the Wifi connection status of your smartphone.

Text fixes

  • Rewrote some of the Applet templates to e.g. get more consistent row-entries for Google Spreadsheets

  • Small text corrections

Applet examples:

  • Office hours -> activate/deactivate Auto Lock:
  • Android connects to/disconnects from a certain Wifi - > deactivate/activate Auto Lock

  • Battery warning -> Notification:

  • Battery warning -> put batteries on a shopping list (RTM):
  • Calibration issues -> send E-Mail:
  • Open door -> add line to spreadsheet
  • Open door -> activate camera
  • Open door -> blink lights
  • Widgets for Auto Lock

General note: Always be careful with your Applets as IFTTT can sometimes have quite some delay on actions. We also highly recommend to activate 2-factor-authentication on IFTTT if you connect it to Nuki Web.