Bell Signal to Alexa / Google Home or IFTTT

Product name

Nuki Opener / Bridge


Feature Request for Nuki Opener Bell Signal


If someone Ring at the Door, the Signal can be read from Amazon Alexa / Google Home Assistant or Home Assistant.

So the Speaker can say: Someone is at the Door.


  • Easy Integration
  • Custom Ring Tones
  • Can hear the Ring at other Rooms

I’ve looked into this and unfortunately google doesn’t offer a way to broadcast through IFTTT. Would be really nice though. But maybe there’s another way to get the functionality. Would love it

This would be a great feature, indeed.

Great idea! Just voted for it :slight_smile:

ENG: still possible with the alexa skill voice monkey , it create a virtual trigger device which can called true api request or ifttt , so you can set in alexa routine when a monkey is called then alexa say , play ,…
for googlehome only a node.js script can do this , Google Assistant relay server.

GER: für alexa ist das möglich mit dem skill voice monkey direkt in der alexa app via Routine , auch in ifttt wenn mann es aus anderen smarthome devices nutzen möchte .
Bei Google hilft derzeit nur ein Node.js script das z.b. auf nem Raspberry , usw … laufen lässt .nennt sich google Assistant relay.

That seems like a rather vague feature request. I personally do not see this as Nuki’s responsibility.

You could use a home automation setup with Home Assistant or iOBroker to let Alexa/Google voice out a notification.

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Google Assistant smart home notifications just became available and make this feature possible: Notifications for smart home Actions  |  Actions on Google Smart Home

For the Opener it probably makes most sense to use the “ObjectDetection” trait for notifications such as “Someone is at the front door.”: Actions on Google Smart Home  |  Google Developers

Making use of the new follow-up notifications for LockUnlock (“The front door has been locked” or “The front door is jammed”) and OpenClose (“The front door has opened” or “The front door couldn’t be opened”) would also be nice.


Let’s do it!!! :slight_smile:
Doing it through IFTTT could also be an option if it’s faster to implement.

Also would really like this. My bell doesn’t work after installing nuki so I need to rely on Nuki’s own bell which is quiet

I have done it now via IFTTT and voice monkey but with this solution there is a delay of 20 seconds until the notification on the Alexa.

Is there a way to reduce this delay?

Is nuki working on a direct implementation in their Alexa skill? I think that should not be that difficult to implement this…

Thank you and BR