Battery replacement

I am considering buying . I do not like the idea that the batteries are empty when a Airbnb guest arrives at my house. Can some Nuki expert tell me if this could be a solution? I think I will need to drill a hole somewhere in the Smart Lock. Is this an option that Nuki could support?


The device has to have 3 Amps output.
Your link does not have that information.
You have to ask them before buying.


I have contacted the shops that sells that product and they are going to contact the producer to ask about the Amps and also to ask if a longer cable is possible.

But if so… can I safely drill a hole in the Nuki? If yes where exactly? Are there technical drawings available?

If it is 3 Amps you can buy it and follow this link:

Please report back to us whether you managed to connect the device.


I recently went to a local guy with expertise in the area of Volts and Amps, and wires and all kind of stuff I do not feel at ease with and asked him to create me a solution.
This is it:

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