Battery life

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Any one else use the eneloop pro battery’s?

I have bought three sets of them because nuki says they work the best with the lock, but my battery’s are drained after 2/3 days on the lock 1.0. Now i have upgraded to the 2.0 device and its a little bit bether, but still within a week they are drained.

My question is have other people with the eneloop pro the same problem.
Since buki said it would last like 6 months. And i know thats in the best condition. But 6 months our 1 week is a big diffrence.

I bought the three sets at the same store so maybe the battery’s self are bad.

I also use the eneloop pros for my Smart Lock at home. Had no issues with SL 1.0 and 2.0.
Only I had to load them before first use though as they arrived only partially loaded.

But everything below several months (at normal usage) with eneloop pro sounds very strange to me. Could be indeed a problem with the batteries itself.

Please test again with different batteries and if you still got the same problem contact our support under with a description of usage/battery type/battery life and your Smart Lock(s) Firmware version(s).

Another idea: Do you have any integration with our HTTP-API running?

We had reports from people draining their batteries with polling the smart lock too often.


no i dont have any API running,
i called the battery expert here, and they told me they can check the battery’s but its weird that 3 sets with diffrent production dates have the same problem, they also explained that the alkaline battery’s that came with the nuki lock could do bether because they have an higher voltage.
the weird thing is also when i charge the battery’s the charger says that the battery’s are still between 40-80 percent charged and they will stop charging after 20 minutes.

the duracell battery’s delivered with the lock does not have the problem so it looks like the lock cant handle the lower voltage of the eneloop pro.

I think that the charger could also be part of the problem.

Maybe it doesn’t measure the voltage correctly and therefor load the eneloops completely.

I use eneloops really often and previously had a charger that did charge the eneloop pairwise.

After changing the charger to a eneloop charger that charges every eneloop individually they hold much longer than before.

i allready switched to an eneloop charger and that didn’t fix the problem

That’s really a strange case. We recommend the eneloop pro based on our internal tests and I didn’t hear of any problems with them yet.

On a long term the eneloop pro should do better and we also recommend them as more more environmentally friendly.

In any case: If this happens without you using an API it is more a support case you can follow up with our colleagues at

Same to me. After two weeks the eneloop are empty without any information from Nuki 2.0

@chaosdiver Which SL firmware are you using?

@MatthiasK I’m experiencing the same issue but I’m wondering if the battery low notifications are a false positive.

I’m using Enerloops as well and this worked perfectly with SLv1 and SLv2 when I first got it. Now I’m getting Android notifications about low battery after 1-2 weeks. But when I check the Nuki app there is no actual warning in the message center about low battery. Could it be the messages are a false positive?

App version: 2.1.3
SL firmware: 2.3.11

It could be that the automatic battery type recognition went wrong when you put in your freshly recharged Eneloops.
Next time you get the message please directly check the Battery type settings if it looks like this:

Talking to our Android Developers this should never happen; Battery warnings in the Nuki message center should only disappear after they’ve been read. Please send a log file next time this happens.


The same thing started happen to me after i changed the original batteries. The original batteries were a dream. They lasted more than three months, and this is an AirBNB home, so it is very used. After the original batteries drained no matter what i used (and i only used high quality brands like Energizer, Varta and Duracell) they lasted anywhere between 24 hours and 3 days. Ok, let’s do what Nuki recommends: bought three sets of Eneloop Pro’s. Installed the first set (fully charged) on Friday evening. Four days later, today, Tuesday, the batteries were dead and the system had the messages “Smart Lock Position detection Batteries too weak”. I must also say they yesterday i checked them and at Start voltage and Lowest voltage i remember the numbers being ~4800 and Critical no. When they are fully charged the voltage is ~5600, but i don’t know how accurate the 4800 reading was since the charger (original Panasonic) stayed in the yellow area (which indicates between 20%-80% charge) for quite a long time, so obviously the batteries were indeed quite empty.

This has become a major pain. Remember, this is an AirBNB home and unfortunately already happened that people could not get in (luckily the door can be opened with a key from outside) or out (and then i had to explain them on the phone how to get the Nuki down from the door to reach the key, which was… unprofessional to say the least). The first three months, with the original batteries were an absolute joy, and Nuki is well worth the price, saved us A LOT of time and trouble, but this beautiful dream has become a nightmare.

There were no prior notifications that the batteries are running down!
I also use the latest available firmware - 1.7.3 - if it makes any difference.
Something is draining any battery, rechargeable or not, expensive or not and i can’t find the reason and it’s driving me nuts.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Usually it’s not properly written Smart Home integrations using the bridge http-api to poll the Smart Locks state every few seconds. If you’re using an integration which uses the bridge api, switch it off.

Also check that you insert the batteries in the correct order. Sometimes people have one battery the other way round.

Apart from that there’s no known reason which drains the Smart Lock v1 batteries within just a few days. Please contact customer support. They’ll try to identify the issue together with you.

Hello Jurgen.
There is no smart home integration used. Also the batteries are in the correct order (I assume not putting even one battery correctly would cause the nuki to not function at all because… well, the circuit wouldn’t close…)
I will contact customer support.
There is one more possibility though: defective unit.

Yes, and support will help you testing if it is the case and organize and exchange if needed. But all other options need to be eliminated first.

Well, it happened again.
Installed brand new (bought from other provider than the first set) Eneloop Pro set on Tuesday, this (Saturday) morning at ~6 am they were depleted.
No Smart Home integration.
Batteries in correct order.
Brand new batteries.
Battery type rechargeable chosen in settings.
Also, NO NOTIFICATION that batteries are running low!
I think the unit is defective, i have no other explanation.

Following this… Used batteries supplied with Nuki… Less than 8 operations per day, I’d say 4 on average… But got low battery warning after 5 weeks… Definitely not ideal. I have nuki 2.0

Here we have about 25 operations per day with the door latch. Eneloop pro about 4 weeks on Nuki 2.0. on a other nuki 2.0 with about 10 operations with the door latch about 12 weeks. On a nuki 1.0 without door latch, about 8 monaths with 4 operations a day.

I noticed that even though I got a notification in the app about the battery being low, the nuki hasn’t shown this with the blinking lights as it is supposed to.

Hmm I think Im seeing the same thing. Using Enerloop batteries, after a few days I get a notification that the batteries are getting empty. However, nothing is shown in the Nuki app in the warnings section. I also think these notifications are false positives. Is there a way to get the actual battery level through the Nuki app?

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