/list vs. /lockState


I would like to understand the difference between the two endpoints /list and /lockState.
Does /lockState query the results directly from the smart lock whereas /list gets the results directly from the bridge?
Do /list queries drain the batteries of the smart lock or is there absolutely no dedicated query from the bridge to the smart lock when executing a http-list-query?
I am asking because I would like to query the status of my smart lock periodically in short intervals but I am worrying about the battery life of the smart lock.
Thanks in advance!

Best Regards

Yes, it’s as you described it.
If you want to pull data frequently you should only use /list command.

But maybe a callback would be more efficient to get lock status changes?

Unfortunately it is not possible to work with callbacks in Loxone directly without further effort, so for now pulling data with /list must be sufficient.