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If the door is locked and someone accidentally opens the door via the app, the door should automatically lock again if the door is not opened after a certain time.

But isn’t this already covered in the Admin - Auto Lock Settings? Simply activate auto lock after 30 Sec (1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 Minutes) and you are set …

Ohh . That’s right. I misunderstood this function. Sorry.

But not exactly what I need.
When I unlock the door and then open it, the door should not lock.
If the door is locked and it is accidentally unlocked but the door is not opened, the lock should lock again after a certain time.

In the newest version, if the door sensor is installed, the door can lock itself directly after closing.

So what we need is “prevent autolock if the door sensor indicates an opened door” right?

This function would certainly also be good.
But I would like to have the following function.
I’ll try to explain it in more detail.
The door is closed and the lock is locked.
Now someone unlocks the door via the app.
Or unlocks it directly at the door. For example, a child.
Now the lock should realise that it has been unlocked but the door has not been opened. Now the lock should lock itself again after an adjustable time.
The AutoLock function is not what I need here.
If I unlock the door and open it, the door should not lock again.

What you are describing is the “AutoLock” feature. It will lock the door after an adjustable time after unlocking (even if the door hasn’t been opened, just unlocked).

Preventing the door Locking while the door is open is already discussed here:

have found the function with “AutoLock”.
If I activate it and set it to 30 seconds, it locks again after 30 seconds. That would be what I need.

However, if I open the door and close it again, the door is locked again after 30 seconds.

I cannot find the following function.

Preventing the door from locking when the door is open has already been discussed here:

Can you tell me where I can activate this. Or a PrintScreen of the setting.
Would be grateful for this information.


this feature doesn’t exist yet. That’s why it is discussed. You can vote´for that feature request to show you want this, too!

Danke für die Antwort.
Ich habe für diese Anforderung abgestimmt.
Hoffe das dies Umgesetz wird.
Gruss und Danke


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