Auto-Unlock triggered after door was unlocked with the phone

Today I was coming back home and manually opened the door with the Nuki-App. Few minutes later the same phone triggered an Auto-Unlock. I would have expected that the Auto-Unlock was cancelled in this case.
I read a similar issue about a second phone triggering an Auto-Unlock if it “appears” in the Geofence after 2 minutes.

In my case, it was the same phone which triggered the Auto-Unlock (see 19:11 and 19:14)

I have sent the log already.

App-Version: 2.1.0 
Device-Info: ONEPLUS A3003 Build/OPR1.170623.032 
Google Play Services Version: 14799019 
System-Version: Android 8.0.0 
1536EE4D, 2.3.11

Hi, I have seen something similar; more logical but still scary.
The issue happened with also with a Oneplus A3003, Android 8.0, App 2.1.0, SL 2.4

Intially an iPhone had opened the door with AU.
It seems the Android phone was in deep sleep and the AU on the Android phone wasn’t kickend and therefore also not canceled- then it woke up 4 mins later, detected to be in the geofence and then connected via BT and opened the door.
Obviously this is outside the 2 mins range, but if the phone is near the door and nobody hears the SL, then the door is simply open.
Not sure if Nuki can find a resolution that doesn’t open the door if a phone is in the geofence and immediately near the door