Auto Unlock Problem

Problems still there with iOS 15.1…

It is a shame
Location wont stay on allways, it switches to „on use“ after a few hours.

So Solution???

Same here with iOS 15.1! But… in my case the Location still shows “always”

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(Unhelpful comments removed.)
This is not an end consumer forum. It is for developers and beta testers who want to help to make Nuki better through constructive feedback. Therefore please try to contribute to this vision. Thank you.

Same for me, same issue like other customer (opener and smart lock)
1 iPhone 12 15.1
1 iPhone X 15.1
Firmware smart lock 2.11.9

I follow instruction to remove smart action etc….but nothing to do

The only phone in which it works well is the Samsung a51 Of my daughter.

Still no solution? Arlo App fixed it already with update.

Did try it for 3 weeks. Did the Disableunlock-reboot-enableunlock thing a few times. Tried it with my and my wife’s phone. Doesn’t work most of the time. It doesn’t seem to recognize the iPhone entering the geofence as the opener does not switch to ring to open when approaching my home.

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Did the same it just work one time and as soon I leave the zone again it stops working.

Did you try the beta and gave feedback as requested?

where is the 2149? in my test flight the last one is 2148

That’s correct. 2149 does not exist, my fault. 2148 is the build to test.

Hi :raising_hand_man:
2148 makes nothing better … still not working 100%
In 2/10 cases it works, maybe :thinking:
Two iphone 12 - pro max, mini with 15.1 and latest nuki testflight 2148

Same issue with the Opener, the siwtch to open-to-ring seems a bit random and it doesn’t open any more when triggered by auto unlock.
I install the version 3.0.0 app and it doesn’t change.
My wife is still on ios 14 and it works for her.
Tell me what I can do to help you solve the issue ?

What you can do is described here: iOS 15 Update: Effects on the Nuki app and Auto Unlock - Nuki

There are also instructions at the end of the article on how to join a special group of users who want to help us resolving the problems.

Auto Unlock not works 80% of the time. I have tried all the recommendations including the beta version and it does not work. it’s a shame it was the best feature of the lock

AutoUnlock doesent work, when my iPhone was connected via wireless Carplay before. When i arrive my home with my car, AutoUnlock does not work. When i come with bicycle or so, AutoUnlock works. (iOS 15 - iOS 15.2 (Beta)

I wonder if Nuki has taken any action towards Apple? Nuki reports from all sides that it is up to Apple/iPhone, but no notification that they have submitted this there.
The problem will not solve itself!!

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This is not correct. It is e.g. mentioned in the link posted above: “Our teams are working with Apple to resolve the issues.”

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My apology.
I have read all the input and exactly that one sentence has eluded me.