Auto-Unlock features completely down!?

Hi! Since yesterday auto-unlock doesn’t work anymore for Locks and Opener!? No matter how often I enter the Geofence, or are in Bluetooth range of the locks and opener, no auto-unlock!? It’s basically broken and not usable again!? I have two locks, two accu-packs, one opener, 3-Fobs, all from nuki about over two years now, and honestly this hole system doesn’t work reliable at all, - all the time is anything not working, - I can’t count anymore, how often I stand before the doors with the hands full of things, and really need my nuki system what I bought and setup EXACTLY FOR SUCH SITUATIONS, and still I stand before locked doors and nothing works like it should, and after long waiting and nothing is happening, I have to load down all the stuff, get out the key, and opening the doors the old way, because like I wrote before, NOTHING WORKS LIKE IT SHOULD FOR A LONGER PERIOD, FAILS AND ERRORS AGAIN AND AGAIN SINCE TWO YEARS NOW!? Sorry but that’s not enough!

hi, i faced a similar issue like you and posted it here.

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Thanks, I posted also there again!