Nuki Bridge shows "online" / "available" on Smart Lock 3.0 - but cannot reach with smartphone

i wanted to share this experience which happened after 3 years for the very first time.

i had the smart lock. 2.0 in the past and switch to 3.0 since its release.

i didn’t want the 3.0 pro, so i have the 3.0 + the normal bridge with the latest firmware.

although my smartphone shows under connection that each device is connected to each other (internet, bridge, smart lock, smartphone), it did reach the smart lock when waiting in the main window of the app.

the pulsing effect shows me that the app tries to reach the smart lock, but nothing happened. even after restarting smartphone etc.

but once i clicked on the button on the bridge for 10 seconds to go into settings and going out of the settings… i think it did a restart and just after this action, it now works fine.

i have to count on the nuki bridge and opening the door when not at home.

but since this happened now to me, i feel like i cannot count 100% on the bridge anymore…

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This is fully right, after a bit more than two years with nuki locks with accu packs, bridge, opener, fobs, I can confirm this, all the time fails and errors and often with real security breaches, like opening the locks with completely false ifttt triggers, what have a completely other function but still they unlock the locks, or standing before closed doors with the hands full of things, and nothing works, and still you have put all down, get out the keys, and unlock the old way, and other inconveniences!?

i finally decided to buy a new opener and a new bridge.

so far so good.

but yes. it wasn’t a nice experience knowing that in case of an emergency i couldn’t open the door from far away for someone standing in front of the door.

Same here. I have the Smart Lock 2.0 connected via bridge. All running on latest firmware (automatic update). Connection status in the app indicates the connection exists and is strong. But the app can’t control / access the lock. Need to re-boot / re-pair every time it happens. Which means you must be physically attending the house - unsuitable to manage a place remotely. Nuki support doesn’t have a solution other than the above. I will try to install a smart socket and see if then I can remotely switch off/on the bridge using another smart device to manage Nuki. Kind of ridiculous.