Auto Unlock (Android)

Hi everyone,

Auto unlock has not been working at all on my device (OnePlus 5/Android 8.1) since an update a few months ago that mentioned Auto Unlock had been reworked in the patch notes.

Since then I mostly just use the 3rd party app called Doorman which works flawlessly in my experience (which is great for now but not a long term solution in my opinion, and it’s kind of disappointing seeing a 3rd party developer do a better job).

I’m interested to hear from other Android users with feedback on how auto unlock performs on their devices, or if anyone has any tips to get it working (I’ve tried changing every setting on my phone that i think is relevent but nothing has helped).

Oh and auto unlock works great on my wife’s iPhone, which frustrates me no end!


Did you already send a log file to so we can take a look into possible unique problems?

You can also participate in our Android App Beta to help us test out and further improving auto unlock and other features:

And (if you haven’t already found it):

Hi Stephan,

Yes I have been emailing Christian at Nuki back and forth for a while now reporting the issues I have and sent multiple log files. I am an Android app beta tester already (1.14.2 installed) and have followed all your recommendations on the website. Still no joy.

I want to stress that before the update that mentioned auto unlock had been reworked it performed much better than currently, definitely not flawless like the Doorman app, but the geofence detection nearly always worked at least, now it simply never works no matter what I try. All battery optimizations are off for the app and my phone in settings and all location scanning settings are on.

Thanks for the complements Dan.

@Nuki: please let me know if you are interested in any kind of cooperation. Integrating an effective Auto Lock/unlock/open algorithm into the Nuki app would be great, as it would effect all the other nice features like digital keys, time controlled entry etc etc.
Doorman has proven to be a very reliable app for many Nuki user without any negative effect on battery usage.

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Thanks for the feedback, and thank you for your offer Kjeld!

We’re actively working on improving the Auto Unlock feature, and we are trying out different ways to do so. We know that Auto Unlock is not working perfectly on all Android devices out there and that we have not reached our goal yet.

We are already working on a new solution, which, similar to Doorman, relies less on the Geofences of the OS and uses other algorithms for better position detection, without compromising the data protection of the user. We also take special care to ensure that the device does not consume too much power as a result.

An updated Auto Unlock version will soon be available for beta testing. We’ll keep you up to date!



I have 2 Oneplus5 and 1 Oneplus6 in use. Since the last 2 updates of the App, the Oneplus6 ( Beta ) has problems with autounlock. Before it were ok. The geofence ist starting to late.