Audio Integration with opener


I wasn’t able to comment on the other threads on this topic so i’ve started a new one.

I was pretty excited to learn that the Opener was compatible with my Comelit intercom, but on further inquiry I learned that you couldn’t speak to the person who had buzzed at the entrance panel. I’m trying to figure out when I would ever just open the door when buzzed, not knowing who was at the other end, and I can’t come up with a single use case. Further, given my building (and many) don’t have an audible release sound for the door how would anyone know I had opened it? You need some way to verify that the person buzzing is in fact someone you are willing to let in to your building (at an absolute minimum) and some way to let the person buzzing know that you are there! I honestly think that this product without two-way audio integration is just a white elephant. Given this is a fatal flaw in the product design, is there any plan to rectify this?