Audio and Video support for Opener

Product name

Nuki Opener


2way Audio and Video Support for Nuki Opener


To allow to speak and see the people, who is ringing from your mobile, using Nuki app


  • To simplify the recognizing of the people, who is ringing you.
  • Also an advantage to speak/see and open to parcel delivery
  • Possibility to take a photo from the person
  • Improve the safety, where you can always control your house entry via your phone


By ringing a live video picture and 2way audio is available, so that you can directly see - who is ringing and open a door (also remote over internet)

Come on guys, I need your votes :slight_smile:


I believe the product should cover the basics and then move forward.

Currently it’s not a realistic feature. Anyway, here’s my vote.

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It is a good idea for a future product. I would add, SIP Client for this product.


I assume that getting the audio and video feed to the Opener would not be a problem (as the Opener attaches to the same wires that transmit audio and video to the intercom).
The limited bandwidth of the BT connection between opener and bridge would be the bottleneck.
Two-way audio, however, should definitely be feasible, as we can see in the plethora of BT headsets out there.

I would highly appreciate this feature.
In fact, lack of this feature, is the only thing keeping me from buying the Opener right now.


Getting a still image would already be very helpful, and should be possible over the BLE connection.

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2way audio is also the only remaining feature for me, which is holding me from buying

I wondering, if there are enough wires in the current version of the opener to support 2way audio from a hwardware perspective. I could imagine already buying an opener, if it is just waiting for a firmware update. but don’t want to spend the money again for a new opener when it is available

thank you


Video with bt in local side is not realistic :unamused:
I believe it must be a problem for nuki servers add audio traffic, so I suggest one solution with two features

  1. add a sip client to enter our own and private credentials, with autocall feature to anoter sip client (working this autocall in local, probably users will disable push notifications to cellulars, so less issues to nuki servers)
  2. add a premium monthly service for people that doesnt want to deal with sip, just an “plug & play” solution working with nuki servers