AU whilst driving by the house with bicycle

Today I drove by our house with my bicycle, approx 8-9 meters from the SL with a speed of maybe 20km/h.
I didn’t realize that the SL did an AU, until my wife called my three hours later because the dog was sitting outside. A bit scary because we live in the midst of a city centre.
Not sure if there is something that Nuki can do about it.
I have changed the Energy Management to slow, enabled permanent messages in the iPhone and Smart Warnings in Nuki App, so I can see it at least when I look on my phone next time.
Any other ideas what to do?

I am using latest beta of SL firmware and on iPhone, and have a SL v2.
Actually I noticed that the SL is very sensitve. When I come home and stand beside our garden door, which is alos 8-10m from the SL, the door latch pulls already. I had once our twice our dog coming outside :slight_smile:

There is already a feature request for this: Nuki 2.0: Signal strength based “nearby fence” (My "Issue" with Auto Unlock)

thanks for the hint. This is definitely needed.