Apple iOS 18 adds UWB unlock


Can Nuki just add this feature to a future lock? this would be a killer feature that we can approach and unlock, no tapping, no code entry, no fingerprint. Ofc all of the above could be used too, but this would be such a nice feature.


This already exists with auto unlock, and works pretty well. UWB could be more precise/reliable of course, but unlocking just by walking up and phone in pocket is how I primarily enter my home.

Correct. UWB has the potential to improve Auto-Unlock. That’s why we’re looking at the technology since years, but so far the UWB chip in iPhones was locked down and not useable for developers. Apple has - somewhat - opened that up with iOS18 and we’re in contact with them to understand the requirements for “compatible Ultra Wideband locks” (= how Apple calls it on their homepage).


this would be awesome!!! thanks for the update. I will update from my nuki 3 to the new one when you guys add this HW feature!

From what i see we need to support Apple’s Home Key via UWB. The older Home Key was using NFC and is not very practical.

In my house i would use the Nuki Keypad 2 for airbnb and UWB for me when im at home.

@Joey_McCoy true! however UWB is just made for this and would integrate nicely with Home Key, so you can give access to your home via Apple’s Home app as well not just the nuki app.

yes it already exists auto unlock, but only if you get out the geo-fence and get back in the geo-fence, with the minimum of 100m.

So if you close the door, go down the stairs and get a delivery, then go back, it doesn’t work :smiley:

May I suggest to create a keypad-like device with UWB support, so it can be used with existing smart locks, as well as with the Nuki Opener. My Opener is physically far away from my building’s entrance door (even beyond Bluetooth range), so UWB support on the Opener itself wouldn’t help me to get buzzed in automatically, when my iPhone is in front of the door.

@ebaauw or add it to the Keypad 3.0, so we dont need 2 devices outside.

Yes, please bring this to Nuki.
Especially in urban neighbourhoods this would improve massively on geofencing issues… I frequently go to shops near my apartment building but these are all within the geofence as very close.