APP UPDATE: Nuki iOS App 2023.10.1-Beta

We released a new iOS app version 2023.10.1-Beta.

What’s new?

2023.10.1 (2448) 18.09.2023

We removed the “Today view” widgets, as Apple deprecated the older type of widgets.


  • Now, you can grant access to your door by sharing the invitation code or scanning the QR code
  • To indicate protected areas in the Nuki app we’ve introduced a lock icon
  • We’ve optimized the menu to provide better support when adding new Nuki devices


  • Performance optimizations and bug fixes

2023.10.1 (2451) 19.09.2023


  • Minor bugfixes for adding new devices.

2023.10.1 (2454) 04.10.2023


  • Minor adaptions to Widgets for improved iOS 17 support


  • Fixed an issue where the app freezes in certain cases.
  • Fixed an issue where the app showed the initial welcome screen when upgrading from version 2023.9.2 with iOS 17.
    • Note: no devices have been deleted from the app

Please update your Nuki app and share your experience.

Since this auto installed on iOS, my lock disappeared. How do I get it back please (urgently?)

Please make sure you selected the correct view by tapping on the Nuki logo - where you can switch between your favorites an all devices. If the problem still persists, please reach out again.

I tried that yesterday, but the lock was just ‘gone’ from the app. I sent a screen grab using the Testflight feedback process.

Today it has just reappeared. I literally just opened the app, changed nothing else.

Thank you for your response. Just saw the screenshot. Did switch iPhones via iCloud backup?

We have a look into this.

Nope, same iPhone, no backup or restore involved.

Can you please send us you app log via Help → Contact customer support. Please add a short note that the support request should be forwarded to me, thank you very much!

That’s on its way

Actually unclear if it has gone or not, as it’s been gathering information for what seems an abnormal time. Let me know if I need to try again.

We had to temporarily remove the release from the public beta as we found an issue while updating the app under certain criteria.

This addresses the issue reported by @twynne (thank you for reporting).

Thanks. there also seems to be an issue with constant prompts to unlock as I’m ‘near the lock’ but I’m actually at home! And the Apple watch has completely stopped notifying when entering the geofence.

Firmware 3.8
App 2023.9.2 2446

The app is nonetheless constantly nagging about Bluetooth despite Bluetooth being fully enabled on iPhone and the app showing connectivity all fine.

Also just let the app update and my lock is gone again. :disappointed:

Got it back after force quitting the app. If these issues aren’t present in the production app and firmware, is it worth me moving back to that?

From which version did you update again?

The issue will be fixed with the next version. Keep you updated.

Versions are in the post above.

Version 2023.10.1 (2454) is available as of now, fixing the upgrade issue.

We’ll have a look into this.

Same here since ios 17
sometimes the messages come hours later on iphone

I’m now starting to wonder if there’s a wider Bluetooth issue with this release of iOS, as I’m getting similar spurious notifications from Tesla. I’ve logged with Apple but no response as yet.

Hi Nuki team

Not sure at what release it stopped working, but the Apple Watch app seems completely broken now. I no longer get notifications when entering the geofence, and the lock doesn’t appear to auto unlock on approach of the watch.

If this is a known issue, was it advised somewhere in release notes? And what is the procedure for exiting the beta on lock and all Apple devices and restoring to production firmware and applications?

I just want it all working again.