APP UPDATE: Nuki iOS App 2023.10.1-Beta

@twynne please check for the given Smart Lock the “Smart Notifications” are enabled: are all settings enabled or all settings disabled/grayed out?

Further please check if notifications for the Nuki app are enabled in the Settings app. We’re looking into the issue with the notifications as this could be also related to iOS 17.

You can opt-out for the iOS beta via the TestFligh, for the Smart Lock beta have here Beta Application Form - Nuki.

Edit: Test → TestFlight


Yes, all smart notifications are enabled. All iOS notifications are also enabled for the Nuki app.

Any news???

What problem are you facing? Please reach out to your customer service via Help → Contact customer support, with additional screenshots if available and a short note to forward the request to me including a problem description.

I mean the problems that the smart notifications don’t work on either the iPhone or the Apple watch… even with the latest beta it still doesn’t work. I just want to know if the problem is being addressed and if there will be an update at some point. The problem has existed for a long time now.

We’re double checking the issue. Unfortunately I can’t give you an estimate when we have results.