APP UPDATE: Nuki iOS App 2.7.8-Beta

We released a new iOS app version 2.7.8 Beta

What’s new?

2.7.8 (2076)


  • New security setting: Receive a warning if you select “Open door”. You can activate this setting via Sidebar/Security
  • Improved customer support: You can now analyze battery issues in the app (Help/Batteries/Generate battery report)
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes especially for the Smart Door

Please update your Nuki app and give us your feedback!

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This is especially great news :slight_smile:



I am using the iOS Widget (14.4.2) and have seen double openings when opeining via the widget. The double openings are displayed also in the protocol with the same timecode

Is the lock action always executed twice when you perform it via the widget or only for ‘Open door’?

I tried to replicate the issue, but it is gone.

What I can say is that the widget got black (no action possible) after updating to the new beta version, I had to delete it from the iPhone screen and bring it back. The behavior mentioned above was initially happening, but it is gone now.

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@Elisabeth_B : I have tried again today after I had a 2x opening using the widget. I can confirm that I can replicate the issue (tried four times) - the lock opens 2-4x in a row. This is not happening when I use the app (at least when I tried three times)
Please don’t ask why I couldn’t replicate 6 days ago.
My SL version is 2.10.8

@ueffchen we have just released a new beta (2.7.9) which should fix this issue.