App Update: Nuki Android App 2.7.1 Beta

We released a new Android app version 2.7.1 Beta .

What’s new?

2.7.1 Beta 1 - 30.10.2020


  • Automatic Firmware Update for the Smart Lock and Opener (*)
  • Keypad Battery Notifications: get the battery status of your Keypad (*, **)
  • App authentication: enable authentication to keep the access to the Nuki app secure
  • Nuki App is available in Polish
  • Improved Smart Lock setup flow

(*) requires Smart Lock firmware ≥ 1.10.3, or Smart Lock 2.0 firmware ≥ 2.8.15, or Opener firmware ≥ 1.5.3
(**) required Keypad firmware ≥ 1.7.0


  • Opener: The display name is overwritten by the device name when entering “Manage Opener”
  • Door sensor: “Door open warning” not shown in “Manage door sensor (Beta)” section
  • Door sensor: Wrong error message when unable to calibrate door sensor
  • Keypad: Wrong Log entries displayed for deactivated/time-restricted Keypad codes
  • several more bugfixes and performance improvements (also including the Smart Door)

Please update your Nuki app and give us your feedback!

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Hello, can i partecipate to beta testing this firmware?
I think it will fix the troubles of my lock

Hi Roberto,

to join the Smart Lock beta program, please follow the steps at How to become a Nuki Smart Lock Beta tester.