API and Nuki 3.0 Pro Door Lock

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I ´ve read somewhere that Home Automation integration (except Alexa) for the NUKI 3.0 Pro is only possible with an additional bridge…

Actually I am able to generate an api token, but it looks like that my NUKI Door Lock does not respond as expected on port 8080.

Do i really need the bridge even if I have already the 3.0 Pro with WLAN for using it in Openhab Home Automatiion?

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What has to be considered is:

The Smart Lock 3.0 Pro has no included Bridge API, so every integration relying on the Bridge API will not directly work with the Smart Lock 3.0 Pro. So in these cases a Nuki Bridge is needed.

I am not sure where you created which API token though in your example.

(Preparing for the question why it is not included: Mapping the Bridge API functionality to the Smart Lock 3.0 Pro could lead to significant battery issues, as the Bridge normally caches everything possible to avoid constantly waking up the device.)

never the less it would be nice to have the choice if I want to use the bridge API on the lock or not.
I bought the pro because I wanted to use the API to integrate the lock into my FHEM setup…
Battery consumption is not an issue for me, I have 2 battrey packs, so I just change it if one is empty.
This is not such a big deal for me… especially once you fixed the bug that the lock does not automatically reconnect to the wifi when I swap the batteries :wink:

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You can only use the remote API for now, at https://api.nuki.io . When I tested it it was pretty responsive even though it’s remote.

Dear Stephan,
I understand reason to not include API to Pro version. I was pretty interested in battery life if I am asking to Pro API (if it would exist) every 5 seconds for lock status.

BUT: why it is not metioned in any marketing papers? Everywhere I just read, that “you dont need bridge when you have PRO”… And result is, that I need it at all. :frowning:

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Hello @paveljanda79,

feel free to check out our MQTT option as alternative local API:

Hello Mathias,
thank you very much for your reply! Later last night :slight_smile: I`ve run successfully api.nuki.io on my SL PRO. Response time is ca 1-2 seconds, so for my use case it is quite OK. And I can say, that i works however I preffered local network solution for case of internet connectivity failure.
But thank you very much for note about MQTT - I am hearing first time about it, but lets say, that it is nice challenge to learn something new :). Have a nice day! :slight_smile:

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Perfect, enjoy working with the API on your Smart Lock 3.0 Pro :grinning: