Another bug after latest version 2.5.0 of nuki samrtlock, latest firmware

if I want to activate a new user, only by bluetooth so that I can only open when it is in front of the door, it does not work, it gives connection error

It only works and sees the door if I give it permission for remote access, that is, through the internet.
It’s okay with errors, you fix one problem and create another, and don’t tell me to contact support or send logs, the product is supposed to work reliably

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I could not reproduce this here as described by you:

(Sorry for the Screenshots in German, but I think it is clear I chose the same settings for the invite)

Did you already try to restart the Nuki App and the Bluetooth stack on your smartphone (de-/activate Bluetooth; switch offline mode on/off; restart phone <- in this order for different levels of restart based on your model)?

Without logs we can’t see what’s really happening here.

As you can see I recorded a video, so that you understand it better and solve the problem since it is only in this latest version

the phone also restart it and the problem persists

I found the fault and the solution
if I have the nuki lock synchronized in bluetooth, then it doesn’t show connection only with bluetooth access, if i delete the nuki lock from my bluetooth devices, then if it works without access data
I upload a video for you to see, but we are not the users who must find the bugs and solutions

Did you manually connect it to your Smartphone as a Bluetooth accessory?
I could reproduce with some of our test devices that they do not get an error on that or show the correct “this device should be managed with its own App” warning in this case, but try to connect anyway. In those cases I could still access the Smart Lock via Nuki App (Bluetooth only) though.

May I ask you on which device the issue occured?

xiaomi mi3 rom miui 9 official
xiaomi redmi note 3 rom miui 10 official
xiaomi redmi note 5 pro rom miui eu 9 custom rom
xiaomi mi9 rom aosp custon rom
sangsung s10 rom official

same rom and same devices, in the previous version this bug was not