Android bridge app mit Nuki opener

Ist es möglich den Opener mit der nuki Android Bridge app zu verbinden? Oder kann man damit nur den smart Lock verbinden?

Is it possible to connect the opener with the nuki Android Bridge app? Or only the smart lock? thanks


No, opener-support has not been added to the Android Bridge and I can’t guarantee you it will ever be.

Oh boy… I don’t know how Nuki is able to do this again and again, but I am actually p*ssed!
You only state on your product website of your opener, that a bridge is needed. On your Android bridge info it says that the andorid bridge is an alternavie to the bridge, without mentioning any restrictions ( It would be basicly the same as the normal bridge and you advertise it as a good, cheap and “green” alternative for it (

Now, after selling my old bridge and lock v1 last year, since I was expecting Zigbee support in v2 as mentioned in my other posts, I have to get a new bridge for the opener, because you don’t touch the bridge App for updates? Seriously? The opener than actually costs 170 euro, because I do have to get a bridge for it.

You should really work on your information flow to the customer! Instead of basicly advertising misleading info, just provide those things right away in your FAQ (I mean come on, the question about the bridge is right there on the openers product page!) .


I totally agree with Kaktus. I actually bought an Opener because I thought the Android Bridge supports it. Very disappointing. :frowning: Especially because I think the Software Bridge is more reliable, e.g. in regards to the Error 503 (Random "HTTP 503 Unavailable").


Up till today I was a really happy user but I agree this is really bad news! I agree with the statements above. Luckily I have not received the opener, as it is still in the mail, bud sadly I will have to return it. It would be really be great if you could change your mind and add support for the opener in the bridge app, because I can not use Wifi 2,4 Ghz only 5.0 Ghz and the current Nuki Bridge hardware only offers 2,4 Ghz…)

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2,4Ghz vs 5Ghz is a valid point as well. 100 euros for a bridge, which does not offer a lot…

And also talking about mail: It’s really great to wait for the opener to arrive and when it does to realize that you need the bridge and have to order that and wait for it, so that you can use the opener. Did I mention the bad information flow from Nuki about that yet? :roll_eyes:

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Please make it happen guys. Other companies should follow your lead repurposing old Android devices (doomed to be trash otherwise). Another reason to recommend your product for tech-savy people as well.

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I agree, just bought an opener to realize, that my Android bridge does not work. I guess I will send it back and will figure out some Arduino solution.

Same here. Bought opener but software bridge does not work with it. I have to send it back…

Would also love to see the software bridge happen for my opener. I do have a tablet 20 cm away from it in a wall mount, so it would safe me the drouble of running one more device, since the tablet is there anyway.

WTF. Same here, I just bought the Bridge and an old phone and now I can throw it away or buy the hardware bridge?
After I got baited with “use your old phone as a bridge for nuki”. Great, after this experience and reading that this problem was addressed to you A YEAR AGO and you did nothing to prevent people from this mistake just to boost your sellings. That’s really, really bad customer support.

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Totally agree!


No news on this? I have hardware bridges that I can’t update to the firmware needed to use the openers because of 503 errors (Nuki’s side) and can’t use the software bridge neither. Did you plan to make the software bridge and the opener compatible?

The software bridge is depreciated. There won’t be any updates to it anymore.

All versions of the hardware bridge still receive updates. If you have problems updating, please contact customer support. There is certainly a way to get yours up to date (worst case is to exchange your bridges).

Ok, thanks for the answer. I send a mail to the customer support.