New Nuki Bridge

Product name



Turn this piece of s*it into something useful!


Dual/Tri band repeater function
Lan/wifi via power function
5Ghz support


The bridge sold right now is not worth the money.


Well, I got the idea beceause of the discussion here: Android bridge app mit Nuki opener
and also because I thought about how to receive packages now or in case of moving somewhere else. Actually, I had a package box in the hallway of our apartment house basement for a while. The porperty management now came up with the idea that they don’t like that so much. So my next idea was to let the packages be delivered into our storeroom, especially in new apartmenthouses this would work with nuki and a key pad as well, since the doors often have normal cylinders as well. But: if you also wish to have a bridge there, how to get the wifi signal down there? Hence, why not have a bridge, which does that as a repeater or/and even better lan/wifi via power (cooperation with AVM maybe?). With that function the bridge would make much more sense in a lot of apartments / houses as well and wouldn’t be only to put the Nuki stuff online.