After deleting the APP all locks are gone... (IPHONE)

After deleting the app and downloading it again i have no choice to login, and therefore i can access my locks. its ridiculous if i have to go now to all apartments and set up all locks again… i am not even in the same country…

does anyone have a solution…

If you have backups enabled via your iPhone/Apple Account you can try to restore your whole phone to a state before you first deleted the app. But I am not 100% certain this works.

If not, there is no way to restore them.
As seen here Nuki themselfes say “just add a new user to the smartlock”

Unfortunatelly there is still no Backup/Restore functionality present or any sort of sync to an account where you can easily restore your previously configured nuki products. Nuki says “its for security reasons” but I call bullshit.

I had this problem once too and created this feature request but it seems no one cares about that.
See here

My “solution” was to add a new user to each nuki product which took quite some time…

Hi LordSimal,

thanks for your reply…
but that would mean that i have to be next to each Nuki Lock and set it up again?
i did the restore of the whole phone but when opening the Nuki APP i am still logged out and have no chance to access my nuki locks… i can only use an invitation code or set up new devices…

do u mean to create a new invitation code over the nuki web?

Thats something I learned just now.
Apperantly if you configured your smartlocks do be managable via Nuki Web you can Log In to your Nuki Web Account and add a new user to your Smart Lock.

Exactly. Nuki Web is basically a cloud hosted Nuki App. If someone manages several Smart Locks (>5) it is recommended to manage them through Nuki Web and also use Nuki Web as main mobile interface instead of the App.

How is there still not a proper login system inside the app? I’ve got a new phone now and will switch to yet another phone in 5 months and I will need to do the same again.