Export/Import functionality

Product name

Nuki Smartlock 2.0


Add the ability to either

  • sync your smartlocks with your Nuki Web Account and/or
  • export/import your currently set up smartlocks into e.g. a file or a temporary link


Sync with Nuki Account

Since there is already the possibility to add your smartlock to web.nuki.io it would be awesome to also sync your client with the current status of web.nuki.io

What I mean by that is to “import” the current status of web.nuki.io to a (new) client which authorizes via the login from web.nuki.io

Import/Export already set up smartlocks

If the syncing with the webpage is somewhat not feasible how about an Import/Export functionality directly on each client.

2 ways I can think about how this could work would be:

  • Create an encrypted file, which is encrypted by a user chosen password
  • Create a temporary link (of course password protected), which allows the client to download all currently set up smartlocks

With either the encrypted file or the temporay link the user can import the already set up smartlocks to its (new) devices without having to “bother” the person who manages the Smart Lock.


I just got a new smartphone and I basically got everything working from my old phone exactly as it was since everything is synced via an account.

The only app that was’nt able to do that was Nuki. My own Smartlock was not the problem but now I have to re-add the smartlock of my girlfriend, my parents and my work.


Basically I want to re-add already set up smartlocks to my new phone without having to create a new user on every smartlock.