Activate/deactivate Auto Unlock

I would like to activate/deactivte the autounlock functionality of my Nuki.

It can not always be turned on because I do not always use that door to enter my house : when I enter via my garage, and then I walk close to my door (from inside) the door gets opened. I would like to activate this Auto Unlock functionality only when I’m sure I will re-enter my house via that door, and then I deactivate it back. I want to do that automatically via my domestic box, therefore, I “just” need 2 URLs.

I do expect this could be possible with a webAPI or bridgeAPI.
I’ve already looked on IFTTT, but this action (in That) is not proposed.

Is what I’d like to do possible ? If Yes, how ?

Thank you for your heat

As Auto Unlock is a feature running on your smartphone using the geofencing feature of your devices OS it can currently only be enabled and disabled on the smartphone.
On the other hand you can use Nightmode to block Auto Unlock request on the (Smart Lock) device side at certain times (e.g. the night).

Thank you Stephan for your reply
(even if I would hope a “yes, of course, this is possible”)
Do Nuki plan to develop such a feature ?

Sorry, we don’t share our roadmap or planned product updates here in the forum.
But feel free to add a feature request and start collecting votes for it, so we can see how big the demand for such a feature is.