ABB or Busch Welcome series

I gave up on Nuki a long time ago. Zero progress on the Busch Jaeger front. Sold everything, Lock, Bridge, Opener and extra Battery. I have moved over to switchbot. The Lock Pro works better than Nuki, also has fingerprint and keypad, also nfc cards. With the Cloud hub I connected a Switchbot bot which is a switch that physically presses the button on the Intercom. There is no press to open funktion, but you can open it through the app and control it through the cloud, which is enough for me.

There is a known limitation for Ring to Open, but opening the door via app should work. Are you stuck at the screen, where Ring to Open gets tested? Try confirming the door opening during the setup process and give it another try. If this is not working, the signal might have been recorded incorrectly. Have you tried contacting our customer service?