ABB or Busch Welcome series

Hi guys,

Wonder if you ever came across these brands, look like bus system and they are part of a bigger installation in a house with more than 10 flats assigned . You find them here in Switzerland and seem to be defacto standard.

Could u you help me to explore what connections I would need to wire or is this also firmware related ?


I also have a Busch Welcome with video and got an Opener (I already have a bridge and smart lock).

I did try to configure the opener as Generic and Generic Bus without doorbell. During the configuration the step “press open door button” works, also pressing the doorbell is recognized, but the last the fails when the opener should open the door.

What else can I try, or what should I do to get this supported?

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Hi Martin,
same here Opener, connected bridge and smart lock, wired now as Generic Bus with doorbell suppression, configuration is detecting the doorbell but then it fails when opener shall send to open the door.
Assigned BUS + to a1 and BUS- to b1.
Would hope that someone in the community have an Idea ?

Ciao Stefan


Hi guys, I also habe a Busch Welcome and I would love to get it working!
Mine looks like that from the inside:

Hi All, did any of you had some feedback to share , or tired different wiring? Would be great to have the gears from Nuki working :raising_hand_man:t2:

I tried to connect different wires. First red and black only. Then red together with orange. And finally red and orange and green together. In all cases black is connected to b1. The opener configuration did always behave the same, regardless of the connected wires, i.e. step 1 successful (recognize door opening), step 2 successful (recognize door bell), step 3 failed (open door). I later noticed that the Busch Welcome stopped working properly when connecting more than just the red and black wires. In those cases the video was not displayed anymore on the screen and the door ring bell tone was not played anymore when pressing the door bell in the stairway.

Hi together

I have the same problem with my ABB/Busch-Jaeger intercom device.
Model: Busch-Welcome Innenstation Audio
This should be the official manual to my model, espacially page 9 and 10:

Does the anyone from the nuki team has an idea, how to plug the wires together?
I would like to help to fix this problem and be available to work with the nuki team to find a solution for this intercom.

Inside it looks like Stefan Werners picture in the earlier post.

Would be great if anyone from the nuki team can help or maybe someone other here in the chat.

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Have you tried to connect the 2 right cables to PURPLE and BLUE of the Opener and configure it as “other door” according to this guide? If it works, it would at least give you the possibility to open the door.

hi jürgen
thanks for your answer.

i’ve configured it as “other door” and plug the PURPLE and BLUE cable into the two right slots.
i’ve also tried it the other way. in both cases it only was ringing instead of opening the door.

is it not possible to take a look at this manual from busch jaeger?

can you read this manual at page 9 and 10. maybe it helps you to understand the busch jaeger intercom and you can do an update for the opener.

in switzerland this brand is very often used for appartements. it is branded as “ABB” but originally it is busch jaeger.

would be great if you can help us to fix this problem.
if you want, i can help you to set the opener for this intercom.

does anybody else has any idea how to plug the wires together here in the chat?

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summary until now:

this is the official manual from busch jaeger:

this is the manual to connect the nuki opener to an unknown intercom (from nuki):

my steps to pair the opener with my intercom

  • Open Nuki App
  • Go to the Nuki Opener settings and configure the opener
  • Select Brand “Generic”
  • Select Model “Bus (Generic)”
  • Put ORANGE and RED wire into “a1” slot
  • Put BLACK wire into “b1” slot
  • Step 1: Push “Door Opening Button” on intercom
  • Opener detects the signal
  • Step 2: Push “Doorbell”
  • Opener detects the signal
  • Step 3: Click “Open Door” in App
  • Opener does not open the door

I’ve tried it with the “other door” function, but my intercom was only ringing instead of opening the door.

This is how it looks inside my intercom:

Ok, thank you. I‘ll send you a PM with further instructions.

hi juergen
do you need my e-mail address or can you write me a PM here in the developer forum?

thanks for your answer.

Hi Jürgen, thanks for watching this discussion , we would be happy to participate if there is a solution on the implementation as it seems we all have the same question.

Danke :pray:t2:

Ciao Stefan

@fidan did extensive testing today without positive results. I can give you some instructions but it’s highly unlikely that it will work.

@Juergen Does this mean it is never going to work with the ABB/Busch Jaeger System or is it just until there is going to be official support from Nuki for this kind of intercom?

No, it just means that we have to take a closer look at it in our lab and that it’s (most likely) not going to work out of the box.

Hallo Jürgen,
Do you already had a look at the system with the team at BuschJaeger or ABB ?

If helpful we could check if we can log signals from the bus, to support u guys at Nuki …

Ciao Stefan

Hallo Stefan

Ich bin noch mit Jürgen und einem anderem Mitarbeiter dran.
Versuchen mit einem Oszilloskopen Messungen durchzuführen.

Leider hat meine Sprechanlage schlapp gemacht und muss warten bis sie ersetzt wird.
Sobald meine Sprechanlage wieder funktioniert, mache ich nochmals ein paar Messungen.

Vielleicht gelingt es uns, den Opener dann mit der Busch-Jaeger Anlage zu paaren.

Falls wir eine Lösung finden, schreibe ich es gerne wieder in den Post.

Hi Fidan,
Vielen Dank and hope you could recover the broken unit soon…:confused: Good luck and thanks for getting this done for the rest of us Nukianer :0)

Awesome guys and keep us posted please

Ciao Stefan

Hi Fidan and Jürgen,

Just to check if you could already start testing again ?

Ciao Stefan