A Case for Nuki Fob DIY Wiring - Electromagnetic Interference

Hi there,

I have an existing self-made home access system based on Raspberry Pi, which is used to open my garage door, yard door, etc.

Although I mainly use the Nuki and Apple Home Apps to lock/unlock my door for my personal use, however I’d like to integrate Nuki with my existing DIY home access system.

The Project: So I bought a Nuki Fob, opened its case, and soldered two wires to the push button’s terminals (made sure soldering was done correctly, and tested for shorting). My plan is to connect the two wires to my raspberry pi through a relay, that when closed, the push button is imitated causing the connected Nuki lock to perform the locking/unlocking action.

The Issue: Everything worked as expected. However, I noticed that whenever there’s an electrical device near the fob (water boiler, a ringing AC doorbell, any other AC device turning on…) the fob gets activated!

It is so weird; it seems like the fob gets activated by the electromagnetic waves that gets emitted by any nearby AC devices. We have redone the soldering just to make sure it wasn’t done badly the first time, but the issue persisted.

Have anyone done such hacks before? IF so, did anyone encounter a similar issue as mine and found a solution? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for your valuable feedback.

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Here is a thread with a similar solution in which similar problems were discussed:

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Thanks Jurgen! I’m checking the other post and will try to follow the solutions there.

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Hi Ahmed,

I have the same problem like you and Andreas in the other post.

You tried it with aluminum foil?

I will try it tomorrow and will check if will work.
When you tried it too, you have pictures?
I will send pictures too.