1st Calibration failed. Anyone knows what going wrong?

Hello i 've just purchased a brand new Smart lock 4 Pro, but while i try to make the 1st callibration the whole process isnt complete. When i try to upadate to the latest firmware i get the message " To upadate the firmware of your device you have to be in Bt range and an active internet connection is needed." I cant get through this proccess no matter how many times i reinserted the batteries, install - unstall the app, tried different devices. I also cant access to the built in wifi. The whole proccess stops and i dont know what to do… can someone help me ???

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I have the same problem!
Any news or tip ?

Nothing so far… what about you?!

I have the same problem too, and it’s frustrating to buy the smartlock and not be able to use it.
Nuki support tells me to switch to maintenance mode but it didn’t help. I think they are trying to find à solution at this time. Our problem is the same than this one : Smart Lock 4.0 Error During Configuration

Same problem here!

Please do not post the same thing in several topics. As posted above this problem is already covered here: Smart Lock 4.0 Error During Configuration