"Your access token is not authorized"

In Postman the request “http://BRIDGE-IP:8080/lockState?token=123456&nukiID=12345678901
throughs a message : “HTTP 404 Not Found”

In swagger the command “https://api.nuki.io/smartlock/12345678901/action/unlock
througs the answer :
“detailMessage”: “Your access token is not authorized”,
“stackTrace”: [],
“suppressedExceptions”: []

How & where can I authorize the access token ?

Thank you for your help,

Hi Harald,

have you already checked our documentation of the Bridge API and Web API?
Chapter 4 of the Web API documentation provides an overview of the authorization.


Hi Alexander, thank you.
Yes, reading the documentation stepbystep was the solution :wink:
Now it works,
Brgds. Harald