"You can redeem the invitation once within 48h"


With Nuki AirBNB integration the invitation codes are automatically generated and sent to guests, which is fantastic. I think there could be a slight improvement in the text however.
Right now the automatic text says “You can redeem the invitation once within 48h”. But we keep having guests who are in no rush to redeem their codes, because they assume that they have 48 hours starting when they READ the mail, not when they received it. Although the phrase seems perfectly clear to me it seems there are quite a few people who don’t get it.

So i would suggest rephrasing it. Say the code was generated on June 10, at 15:25. It would be a lot better if the text would be "You can only redeem the codes once and you must do it no later than June 12, 15:25. If you fail to redeem them they will automatically become invalid in which case please contact us. " Or something like that. The basic idea would be that the guest sees a very exact expiration date and time to avoid confusion.

Seems silly, but it happens.
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as AirBnB Host i can confirm that some guests get confused.
To avoid these ‘problems’ it would be better when the invitation mail contains the beginning and expiration time of the doorlock / keypad code.

Guests want to make vacations or have business stays and see any kind of confusion as a problem what consequently result in a negative checkin experience. Sad but true.

Thanks for the input. I moved it to #feature-requests even though it is just a small text change we will most likely take into account anyway.
But it maybe makes sense to include this into some general improvements in invite-handling.

There must be a reason it wasn’t implemented that way, but as an Airbnb host I’d like my guests to be able to redeem the invitation anytime between their reservation and their check-out.

Lots of them seem to ignore the invitation they receive a week before their arrival and then ask me about it one or two days before the check-in, with the invitation no longer being redeemable at that point. Other guests instead start asking about the app as soon as they book, when an invitation is not available yet.

Why can’t the invitation be sent as soon as they book, and stay redeemable until their stay ends? Again, I’m sure there must be reasons, but I fail to see which :slight_smile:

There was a reason to keep the redeem intervall short to avoid missuse. For the Airbnb-case we already did some changes and I see the reasoning behind this feature request. To enable even more flexible redeem periods we will also need to address invite handling in general so it is more complex than it may seem though.

Hi Stephen.

I fail to understand how it would be misused, since it is redeemable only once. It could be misused anyways, regardless if the grace period is 48h (as it is now), or 72, or 100. And since we are here, it would be super useful if i would be noticed somehow when that person redeemed the code.

I think that the current way things work is a very good start, but there are a few key things we should be able to do, like:

  • define grace period
  • define email template
  • multilanguage email template
  • notification on code redeem
  • repeat notification if person did not redeem code within X time and is dangerously close to expiration
  • possibility of defining number of generated codes. right now there is a code for each guest which is overkill and sometimes guests think they need all of them, which is never the case - i know they are free, still … :slight_smile:

There are two categories of users, correctly if i’m wrong: there is the simple home user that purchases Nuki for its personal needs and family. And there is the business user who implements this solution for the benefit of his/her business practice (be that B&B, rental offices, rental buildings etc).

Anyways, if you need help testing these things out just say so. I know that it is easy to ask, but most if not all of these things are in the benefit of the end user, and a happy user is the best marketing :slight_smile:

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