Wrong Notifications

Hello! I get some wrong notifications, for example, when someone rings and I open via buzzer, it recognise the ring as it should, but the buzzer is also recognised as a ring then!? It does this only in this situation, because when I try, it recognise ring as ring, and open as open!? Maybe the second issue relates to this behaviour, because when I activate ring-to-open-continuously-mode, and someone rings, it opens and opens again and again, and I think its because it recognise the open signal (buzzer) as a ring, and therefore it opens again, what will recognised wrong as ring again, so it opens again, and so on!? It does this only in these cases, because as I wrote before, when I try ring and open (buzzer), it recognise it as it should, ring as ring, open as open!? I think this is a bug! Know anyone this behaviour, or have maybe even a solution fir this!? Thanks!