Workaround for opening a Nuki opener with Flic

I am a heavy user of IFTTT and I used to have an applet for opening my building’s entrance door with a Nuki opener by pressing a Flic button.

However, the applet has stopped working and IFTTT support by Nuki will be discontinued soon.

How can I still do the same? I would like to press a Flic button and for this to trigger my Nuki Opener.

I would like to restrict the scope of any kind of token to the Opener. I don’t want to create a token that can also open my Nuki lock.

Thank you very much for any ideas.

You should be able to achieve this through the Nuki Web API by creating a token that has the proper unlocking scope.

If you want the same token not to work for your Smart Lock you will have to put the Opener in a separate Nuki Web account.

Oh, no. Why another Nuki Web account? :dizzy_face:

Thanks for the tip anyways.