Will the Smart-Lock ID always stay the same?

I am using the Nuki-API. It works fine. But I have a question. I am using the call “https://api.nuki.io/smartlock/xxxxxx/action/unlock”.
There I have to define the Smartlock-ID, which has to be opend. I got this ID from the call “/smartlock”.
Now my question: Can this ID change or will it stay the same all the time? Do I have to determine this ID with each call, to be sure, or is it sufficient to do this only once?
I am a bit confused, because there seems to be two Id´s. In the Nuki-App, I installed on my Handy, I can find a different ID when I go to “My Devices”=>“Opener”=>“Administration” there is named an “OpenerID” at the bottom of this Page.
But this is not the ID, I have to use for the API-call.
But anyway I am interested only in the fact, whether the Smartlock-ID, which I have to use in the API, can change.

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Hello Peter!

The smartlockId will stay the same for a device.

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