Why the 100 Codes Limit?

There is a limit of 100 codes per Smartlock.

But we are now (like others, thanks to COVID-19) renting our swimming pools (gyms do that, too) per hour to customers, 13 hours a day.

With this limit, we manage to barely create codes for 7 days in advance, which is much less than the 4 weeks we would like to offer in advance.

So why is this limit? Technical reasons? Can it be raised? (If it can be raised, then I would create a feature request)

Keypad codes (as well as Authorizations for Users) are stored inside the Smart Lock. The limitation is the available storage inside the flash chip of the Smart Lock.

For your usage scenario you would (most likely) need is a completely different way on how codes are created. With a time based algorithm you could generate unlimited, automatically expiring codes which are valid for preset time periods. Basically an algorithm that you have running at your end and that runs inside the Smart Lock and that generates the same code at the same time at both ends. As such you would not even need an API to generate a new code. Drawback is that you can not remove or block a certain code. Once handed out, it is simply valid at the specified point in time.

Hmmm. Also the requirement on my side woult be that the codes are created to another time than the “booking”. Currently, the customer gets the code with the booking confirmation, which could be long time before the booked time. So somwhere the code has to be stored and applied to the SmartLock to another time. So something like a cron-job needs to be implemented and running, which I currently cannot provide. Right now, there is only the possibility to create and push the code right after the booking has been made, which could lead to many more than 100 codes before they even get active.