Why is there no advanced logging?


my Nuki products are finally turning me mad, so i had to open a post about it.
Strangely back then when i got all my products (Door Lock, Opener, Door Sensor, Bridge) i was very happy with it and it worked fine for about six months.
After that the Auto-Unlock started to become unreliable for seemingly no reason, so i started to investigate. As i couldn’t find any problems i turned to support and they helped me out by replacing my Bridge with a new one.

After that, everything worked for about two months before everything went south again.
I since then tried everything i could find:

  • Support told me to reset everything and start over → Nope
  • Checked all settings on Smartphone over and over → Nope
  • Changed position of Bridge to improve reception → Nope
  • Applied Unifi config as advised in this forum → Nope

There is no way of figuring out why this stuff won’t work. And i’m getting tired of it.

But why is this the case? Because there is no advanced logging besides: “Auto Unlock failed for Door XYZ”.

Thanks Nuki, i didn’t notice that when the door wouldn’t open!!!

So please, for the love of God, add some decent logging to this app, as to why things fail.

Otherwise this is utter useless and i will switch brands, because bashing in my door with a hammer and replacing it is starting to become easier then using Nuki day by day…

So is this just me missing any kind of option or is this product and its app not helping me here?