Why is TCS not on the Compatibility-List for the Opener!?

Hi! Can anybody clarify, why TCS is not present anymore, in the Compatibility-List for the Nuki-Opener!? As I got my new TCS (ISW3030) a few months ago, I checked before installation if TCS is in the Compatibility-List for the Opener, and it was there with many different Models!? And I followed the steps for installation in the app specified for the TCS ISW 3030, and have since months a fully working Opener with this TCS Intercom! The opener still works with TCS, so why is TCS deleted from the Compatibility-List for the Opener!? Thanks!

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Thank you for mentioning this, I currently have this exact issue here.

As mentioned there, TCS used to be supported, as you can see in this old pdf I found.

But as I just got my Opener yesterday, I cannot integrate my TCS ISW3030 because of this.

So I would like an answer on this too, TCS is not some small manufacturer but has many different models in the german market.

Hi! Yes I was also very wondering, as I looked up the compatibility list for the opener, I noticed that TCS is removed from the list!? I have started a new thread, where I asked why! Because before a few months, I got a new intercom - the TCL ISW 3030, and to this time TCL was present in the list with many models, and I have literally a TCS fully working with the opener here since months, so I really don’t understand why they removed TCL!? I hope we get a few answers!? But you can still set it up as generic bus, what should also work without issues, - when I remember right, I also have set it up as generic bus! Do you need my wiring scheme, what I use!?

We have solved it! Look up this thread, and at the very bottom the last posts showing you the right wiring, one for wiring from a other user, and one from me how to solve the last issue! Follow there, and you should easily get your opener to work fully!


Hi everyone,

I’m sorry to inform you but as of 01.06.2022 upon a previous request by TCS TürControlSysteme AG
we have discontinued our official support for TCS intercoms for the Nuki Opener. Existing Nuki Opener setups can still be used.