Why does the keypad have no 0?


I was wondering why the keypad has no zero?

While try to decide on a PIN this sort of ruled out most of my standard algorithms for creating PINs.


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In order to avoid using birthday related dates as passwords.

@Georgios.T : Is this a guess? I’ve read this argument on some tests as well!

@cdesouza : Maybe it’s just about the look: 5 keys in 2 rows

The question for me beside the look and the “non-standard” keypad layout is the one for security: 10^6 offers nearly more than double the code possibilities of 9^6, even if you minus birthday dates from e.g. 1900 until 2100 a.d. (and exclude 000000 as well). A longer code should be more secure in general. Or am I completely wrong?

You are right but the security risk lies not in brute forcing thousands of combinations but in social engineering. Birthdays are easy to find out still rank very high in the most used passwords.

I’m also not fond of the decision since it breaks my patterns but I understand it. If you would be able to choose a date, every family member, friend or even neighbour would potentially know your code.

Ich habe auch einmal bei Nuki selbst (weiß nur nicht mehr wo) gelesen das es die 0 wegen der Geburtstagsthematik nicht gibt.
Es gibt auch ein paar andere Kombinationen die gesperrt waren, wie ich glaube die 1,2,3,4,5,6
wohingegen die 2,3,4,5,6,7 ginge.

Eines der wenigen Dinge die mich am Nuki Universum stören ist wie auch hier das nicht durchgängige Konzept bei Dingen welche Grundsätzlich anders gemacht werden als es die meisten Menschen erwarten oder gewöhnt sind.

Wie bei jedem Passwort ist ganz klar der Nutzer verantwortlich.

Not sure I follow the logic of birthdays. There are many birthdates that do not contain any zeros. I have many memorable dates that are not birthdays and also not connected to me. I can think of many PINs that contains zeros and that are not birthdays.

I am trying to use Nuki in my rental business and I trying to give the tenant a password, the most practical is the day they arrive at the vacation apartment like 20230703 year 2023 month 07, and day 03.
I do not buy the security issue you mention unless Nuki is not suitable to use in my rental business.

I really hope you are adding some random parts there, otherwise every guest can look through the pattern and open the door of other guests by simply trying the last few days as the entry code.
Patterns in password are always problematic but the missing 0 seems quite random and only prevens some birthdays. Just tell us that this was the cheaper solution.