White Nuki 3.0 going black

Hi All,

We previously had a Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 installed on our front door, this stopped working after two years. We have one of those modern doors that just has a handle and so to open the door from the inside we turn the ring to open it. We bought a white 3.0 not t to long ago (since there is no black). This was not a problem on the 2.0 because it was black and silver, on our white one, it has been about 6 weeks and it is already going a yellow / black from the oils on peoples hands. Does anyone else have this? Have you had it replaced under warranty? Is there a plan to come out with a black 3.0? We don’t want to pay the up price for the pro since we already have the bridge (which also wasn’t cheap) and that would just go to waste.

Thank you

Try using a solution of white vinegar and sodium bicarbonate and a soft cloth. Just gently rub the cloth lightly wet with the solution. It will remove the yellow stain.