Which Type if Battery to choose


Using this KENTLI AA 1,5 V 3000mWh lithium li-ion akku.

Which type should I choose in the App ?

Maybe someone cab help me :+1:

I’m having the same question. I am also using rechargeable lithium AA’s and I’m a little confused if I should set it to:
Lithium battery
Nuki Power Pack / Akkus

I’d be very happy if somebody could give a hint or share his experience!

Thank you so much!

Alkali is probably the best setting, but it will not give you any correct warnings at all:

  • The battery type setting influences only the shown battery in % and low battery warnings.
  • The Smart Lock estimates this by measuring the standby voltage of the batteries.
  • Li-ion cells usually have 3.7V. Li-ion accumulators that output 1.5V have a small electronic board that regulates the output voltage down to 1.5V, regardless of their charge in %.
  • Thus the Smart Lock has no chance to show any warnings or a correct percentage as the voltage will drop from 1.5V directly to 0V when the batteries are depleted.

It is therefore not recommended to use such cells. They also do not offer more capacity than good NiMh cells, like those used inside the Nuki Power Pack or Eneloop Pros.


Thank you so much for your detailed answer!
I will then have to remember to recharge them on a regular basis before I get a good replacement!