Which opener compatible video door bell system would you recommend?

Hi all,

we’re currently planning to replace our 4-wire Ritto door bell system by a modern video enabled system.

Since I love the Nuki, I want a compatible video system that is also happy with the 4 wires that exist. There will be 10 apartments equipped with the new system and I would like to have the bus compatible with Nuki Opener :slight_smile:

Who has connected the opener to such a system and can use all the features?

If possible it should not be the most expensive system on earth, but with reasonably good video quality and opener connectivity.

Thanks in advance

I have the same question.

@kic68 did you select a good one?

Which video compatible door bell system is fully compatible with Nuki without any issues?

Hey Patrick,

we have moved out of that building ourselves and therefore Nuki is not a preference anymore - it will become a modern standard off-the-shelf system. These new ones all have the respective features built-in.

Sorry I didn’t find out more :frowning:

Good luck with your installation!
Cheers and a belated happy new year!

Ahh nice! Thanks for getting back to me.

We might want to change our entire system as well. What system did you decide to use?

And happy new year to you too :slight_smile: