When will nuki bridge support keypads?

Nuki bridge supports everything except keypad code and keypad action management.
Is this something I would have to wait for or will it never be available for some reason?

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I’m very interested in this functionality.

I developed an app + drivers for the Hubitat platform and this functionality would be very welcome.

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Whenever I use my keypad to access my apartment I get a message from Nuki App saying that “Marco” (keypad) opened Porta" (being “Marco” me, and “Porta” my door).

I can understand Nuki’s staff worries about security, but all I would want to know at the Local Bridge API is that someone (his/her name, of course) has opened the door - that’s all. I know I’m not a security expert, but I believe that it would not be a security risk.

Hi @MatthiasK, help us out here!

Understood and there is for sure already somewhere a feature request for this.

In general the bridge currently only works with states (locked, unlocked, …). The information you are referring to comes from the activity log, which does not track states but commands (i.e. user x sent command unlock door). At the moment the bridge does not have access to logs. Nuki Web has access and that’s why you can get this information from the WebAPI only.

Thanks for the promptly response.

Yes, I know that I can access the Web API to get this information, however, the philosophy behind the Hubitat platform is to locally handle devices (and, or course, events) - using the Web API would “violate” that philosophy. That philosophy allows the Hubitat platform to have response times incredibly fast.

The only time I have used the web (not the Web API) is to identify the bridges located at my LAN. From there on, all processing is local.

Well, let’s wait then …