When exactly does the API sends its reply when unlocking a door?

I use the /smartlock/{id}/action and {"action": 3} as the body to open a door (not sure anymore why not the explicit /smartlock/{id}/action/unlock one, it has been some time).

The call triggers the open action as expected and I wanted to ask whether someone knows when the 204 reply from the API comes back

  • as soon as it authenticated the call
  • when it starts the opening process
  • when the lock has finished opening
  • when the lock has been released (and the door is now locked by the movinig-thingie-I-do-not-know-the-name-in-English latchbolt)

I am away from my lock and cannot test visually (at least the parts that are visible) so if someone has a clue I would be grateful.


Apologies for the late response.

The Web API is asynchronous, so you would receive the 204 response when the request was successfully received and understood, but there is no content to return in the response body. A 204 doesn’t indicate that the action was successful.

Thus, if you want to confirm the status of the lock, please check the smart lock state:

The smartlock state: type=0/3/4: 0 … uncalibrated, 1 … locked, 2 … unlocking, 3 … unlocked, 4 … locking, 5 … unlatched, 6 … unlocked (lock ‘n’ go), 7 … unlatching, 224 … Error wrong entry code, 225 … Error wrong Fingerprint, 254 … motor blocked, 255 … undefined; type=2: 0 … untrained, 1 … online, 3 … ring to open active, 5 … open, 7 … opening, 253 … boot run, 255 … undefined

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