What triggeres "Smart Lock - Positionserkennung"?

I have 2 NUKIs in service.

Recently at 24:00 h (in the Web-Log, at 01:00 h in the NUKI Log, issue of summer/winter time) one NUKI made considerable noise and I found this entry in the log. The pictogram shoes a closed circle with 4 bars at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock. The battery was fine.

As this behaviour at midnight is strange and frightning : what happend and why ?

What was triggering the “Positionserkennung” in the middle of the night ?

A position detection (= lock till max and drive back to position before) is done after a reboot of the Smart Lock (e.g. battery change) to ensure that the position detection still uses the correct position of the lock. In your case it seems like the Smart Lock crashed and rebooted itself. This is unsual (and unwanted) but can happen and has no negative impact on the operation of the device itself.

I went out my house and closed the door and under a minute later the door opened by itself and when I looked at the log there was a message position detection as detailed in this post. This is deeply concerning as the door was then open while I was out. Why would this happen and how can I make sure this never happens again

As written above, a position detection run is done each time the Smart Lock reboots. This could be due to a mechanical power outage (e.g. when smashing the door and batteries loosing contact) or a software problem. In any case this never opens a door:

Please contact our support via Support Form - Nuki or contact@nuki.io as this is an individual problem and might require sharing logs and other sensitive data.

Worryingly the door definitely opened after I had walked away - it is caught on video on my doorbell camera - I will email support to review this further