What is a Wiki Post?

What is a wiki post?
A wiki post is a special type of post that can be edited by any user on the forum.

How do I create (or remove) a wiki post?
To turn a post into a wiki post you need moderator/admin privileges.

However normal users may also make their post Wiki, provided their trust level is high enough .

How can I recognize a wiki post from a regular post?
By default, new users at Trust Level 0 can not edit wiki posts. They will see only a green pencil icon at the top right of the wiki posts.

When users are able to edit the wiki posts, in addition to the pencil, they will notice that the Reply button has been de-emphasised in favor of the Edit button

Clicking on the pencil produces no effect unless the post has been modified.
In this case, the number of changes made since the creation of the wiki will also appear.