What Fermex Intercom to choose to be able to fully use of Nuki 3.0

What Fermex Intercom to choose to be able to fully use of Nuki 3.0? Is there a model that You can recommend?

Hi! Fermex isn’t in the compatibility list for the opener at all, so nobody can say for sure, you can just try then! Sorry!

Where do I find the compatibility list?

Thank you Rose…
But I can see a lot of models listed but do not know what Fermax I shall choose.

Hi! In the backside or inside of the intercom should be a sticker or such where the model number stands!

This is what is in apartment. Any suggestion what it can be replaced with to be compatible with Opener?

Hi! You can’t just switch a digital intercom, that was/is just possible with analogue intercoms, because digital systems working with signal patterns for the different functionalities, and the different manufacturers working with different signals, - in short words, intercom and main-device have to speak the same language, and the different manufacturers use different signals/patterns and even having often different versions of the same signals/patterns, - and as would be that not enough, every intercom has to paired rightfully to the main-device one time when installing! So you would have to be a electrician, what knows this matter very well, for switching to a other intercom, without also changing the main-device! I even have a universal hybrid intercom, what can work with all main-devices, but it has much different jumpers for adjustment to the wanted main-device, and you have to know what and how to do it, for getting this to work! BUT, Your intercom looks pretty straightforward, so when you open it, you can see if it is digital or analogue, and the Modell number should also be somewhere in there, and then you can try a generic- bus or analogue setup.

Thanks Rose
I think it is an old analogue one. So maybe buy a exakt same new?
And hope to find a good electrician. 😎