What does every cable pin exactly do?

Like in the subject: in my Urmet 1130/12 pretty common device I’m able to make the basic Open function via app or web from local and remote to work, then Ring on Open doesn’t work. No error message, just not working function, no error on install related with cable management, obviously no logs when I try to use this function.

Now I’m wondering what the pins in the Nuki cables exactly do for each color to try to solve the problem.

Also, in the Nuki app instructions related to my device, how do the connection points are counted? From left to right or from right to left?

I was unable even to make the basic config (open port) with that config, I had to go here an read another thread and replicated the cable management of one user (Joachim) to have basic open function working.

Hope someone can help. Thankx in advance.

Hi! Depends on the configuration, with analogue intercoms the configuration of the wires is other then with digital intercoms. What is yours, analogue or digital?

Hi Rose and thankx for your reply. Mine is a urmet 1130/12 so it is analog I think.

Can you post a photo of the momentane wiring?

Edit: And have you a external bell, or comes the ring sound from the intercom itself!?

Thank you very much Rose for your help! I learned how to read the connection number embossed on my intercom device, so I simply connected the cables the right way and now it works everything as expected!

Great! Have fun!