What are the values for "type" + "allowedFromDate" being ignored


I have created an auth with a call to https://api.nuki.io/smartlock/xxxxxx/auth with the payload :

  "name": "John Doe",
  "allowedFromDate": "2023-08-01T09:20:00.000Z",
  "allowedUntilDate": "2023-08-03T08:40:00.000Z",
  "accountUserId": 1234567,
  "type" : 13,
  "code" : "384365"

I have used type 13 from examples seen in this forum. But what are the valid values and their signification for that field?

Also, I have provided time boundaries when once created this PIN is always valid and not bound to the timestamp I sent. Why?

Thank you,


Hello Lionel,

type = the type of the authorization: 0 … app, 1 … bridge, 2 … fob, 3 … keypad, 13 … keypad code, 14 … z-key, 15 … virtual
For creating an auth for keypad, you must set type = 13

Setting the “allowedFromDate” and “allowedUntilDate” set the time permissions only during these dates.
“allowedFromTime” and “allowedUntilTime” define the time period between this duration, when lock/unlock command is allowed.

For eg.
allowedFromDate = 2023-08-01T09:00:00.000Z,
allowedUntilDate = 2023-08-03T20:00:00.000Z,
allowedFromTime = 720,
allowedUntilTime = 840,
then lock/unlock is only allowed between 01.08 to 03.02 from 12pm to 2pm everyday.

You can see these descriptions in the Swagger, under Model.