Weird sound of Nuki

Since the last update, my Nuki has a serious problem.
Have you this horrible spring sound with the Nuki close ou open ?

Batteries are new.
The reset has been made.

Download video thought this link.


The sound comes from the clutch trying to disengage. Please contact our support via the Nuki App (Menu > Help > Contact Customer Support).

It’s already done.
You are going to replace the nuki but is it recurrent ? I am affraid about this issue.
If this is a technical issue you may have many user with this problem.

Do you think there is a risk that que Nuki will stop or broken ? Have you improved this part of the next generation ?

I can not answer your question because things like return rates or detailed technical changes are things that are (obviously) not shared in the public. If you are afraid that it is a general problem you could use Google search, because in this case there would be a lot of other users writing about it somewhere on the internet.